All About Buti Yoga

“Buti” is a Indian Marathi word meaning “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.”

What is Buti Yoga?

Buti Yoga is a powerful combination of tribal dance, cardio, plyometrics and vinyasa-style yoga. It is not your typical yoga class. Buti is for every woman (and any man comfortable enough with his sexuality to come into a room with strong women and shake it out)

Buti incorporates movements that our body craves. We flow and shake and (sometimes) scream. We sweat and smile and (sometimes) cry. This practice is physical and we work out. But its so much more than that. It’s the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy (and every human has both). It celebrates your feminine energy, your sexuality and sensuality and you can FEEL that. And it activates the masculine energy, your strength and power and believe me, you will FEEL that too.

What to expect:

The practice is very challenging. But its for all levels. You come as you are, begin where you are, and do what you can! You can modify at any point and come into childs pose when you need to catch your breath. You can scream and curse and get frustrated. We’re there for you. Through your journey and practice, you’ll find self love and compassion.

Come in with an open mind. This isn’t a traditional yoga practice.

The music is loud (and often unedited). We move to the music and allow the beat to guide us.

We work hard. And for some of us, a lot of clothing is distracting and annoying. Don’t be surprised if you walk into class and you see a lot booty shorts and bare bellies. There is a reason for it. It helps to see your stomach, as we focus a lot on activating the core. And its hard to shake when you’ve got tight leggings on. We believe in loving our body, exactly as it is, and not hiding it. We look in the mirror as we practice. Not because we’re self absorbed but because it helps to see our movements and stay safe. If the mirror is not your friend now, it will be.

Something magical happens when you watch yourself and your body move and sweat, you begin to fall in love with this body that you have.

It is empowering and liberating.

*With all that being said, we support whatever you want to wear. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and empowered. When we walk into the studio, we are all in there together and there is nothing but support and love.

Buti classes are loud- the music, the instructor, the students. We shout and hoot and holler. Its fun. We have been told to be quiet for long enough. In the studio, we want to hear you, and more than anything, we want you to find your voice.

Benefits of Buti:

Buti is fast paced and the perfect blend of everything your body needs- cardio and strength training and deep stretching. You will get sore, and you will feel it the next day. At the end of a class you will be drenched in sweat with the biggest smile on your face.

You will find a lot of core engagement and abdominal/hip spiraling woven into Buti classes. The Spiral Structure Technique, created by Buti Yoga founder, is designed to activate all of the abdominal muscle groups. Keeping the core activated is key, and adding this technique takes your ab workout to another level.

Yes, we like to sweat. Yes, we like to feel lean and strong and sexy. But the benefits of Buti go beyond the physical. Our movements focus on removing obstacles to the first and second chakras, specifically. The power that originates in these chakras easily get muted and we don’t do a lot of movements that really open our hips. In Buti, we dig deep- physically and spiritually and emotionally. Don’t be surprised if you feel emotional after class, its normal!

You will fall in love with yourself a little more overtime you look in the mirror.

It won’t happen over night, but through this practice you will find your strength and power and confidence. How could you not fall in love with that?

And through that process, you’ll find a badass community of likeminded people to support and uplift. This practice starts on the mat, but you will see the effects in every area of your life. And that is why it is so magical.